I am groot release date in India

I am groot release date in India

The upcoming ‘I am Groot’ show will release on 10 August 2022. The release time in India will be 12:30 PM.
Enjoy all the episodes on Wednesday afternoon.

How to watch I Am Groot online

I Am Groot – the animated series based on the Marvel Comics character Groot – is available on Disney Plus starting Wednesday, August 10. All five original shorts are exclusive to Disney Plus, so you’ll need a subscription if you don’t already have one. Follow the guide below to watch I Am Groot wherever you are in the world.

I Am Groot episode guide & air dates
  1. I Am Groot short 1Groot’s First Steps – 10th August 2022
  2. I Am Groot short 2,  The Little Guy – 10th August 2022
  3. I Am Groot short 3Groot’s Pursuit – 10th August 2022
  4. I Am Groot short 4Groot Takes a Bath – 10th August 2022
  5. I Am Groot short 5Magnum Opus – 10th August 2022
I am groot release date in India

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